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A free and open source markdown editor that aims to make your life more productive.

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The enDEV EDU program aims to create a safe and expandable environment for learners and teachers.

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About enDEV

Here at enDEV, we believe that anybody can make a difference. Whether you want to make a new productivity app, a video game, or even an amazing new product.

Who we are

enDEV was founded and is managed by a young entrepreneur, Elijah Duffy (aka octacian). Elijah is a web developer, game developer, and YouTuber. In the future, we plan to expand our team to be composed of more than just one person. As we grow and expand, we will be able to more effectively make and update software and products.

What we do

We are developing numerous pieces of software and planning several products that we hope will make a difference in your life. We aim to help make your everyday tasks simpler and more efficient. We are working through several of our projects to make educational resources more available to anyone.

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exFAT on Ubuntu - USB icon by Madebyoliver (http://www.flaticon.com/authors/madebyoliver) from www.flaticon.com

Mount exFAT Storage Devices on Ubuntu

If you’ve come from the Windows operating system, you might have a few storage devices using the exFAT filesystem. This filesystem can generally be used anywhere, much like FAT32. However, FAT32 can only store single files of up to 4GB in size, whereas exFAT can store files of much larger size. A filesystem that can […]

The DocumentRoot

Content in the DocumentRoot – Apache Web Server

With Apache Web Server, PHP, and MySQL installed and running, you want to do more. It’s time to change that default page that you see, and replace it with your own content. When you place files inside something called the DocumentRoot, you can do just that! You can change the directory the default DocumentRoot uses, […]

Apache Web Server: Installation (Linux)

You might want to set up a webserver of your own for many reasons. Maybe you are starting to code websites using JavaScript and PHP…

The Internet: How Does it Work?

How does the world wide web, or internet, actually work? This question is very important in the world of today with the internet being an integral part of most of our lives. Learning about such a large and important service may seem daunting, however, the internet is actually fairly simple.