enDEV is being redesigned. During the period of time in which we are rethinking our vision for the company, this website will not be available. Thank you for your patience! :D


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About us

Just in case you don't know who we used to be

Hi. enDEV was a project operated solely by me, Elijah Duffy. I am known on GitHub and elsewhere throughout the interwebs as octacian.

enDEV provided services such as WordPress construction, management, and hosting. However, my goal was always for enDEV to be much more than that through a number of software and hardware projects with the singular goal of improving the quality of life of consumers around the world.

Much of this has yet to come to fruition, however, I haven't given up. Much of what enDEV was once purposed to carry out will still be carried out, if not all of it, but not by enDEV. There is much to consider and to plan, however, what I can say now is that enDEV is undergoing a split of sorts. Website services will continue to be provided, but under a new name and without the constraints enforced by the WordPress ecosystem. Software and hardware projects will continue to progress, but also under a new parent organization.

enDEV is not dead, but rather in the process of reinventing itself. If you need to contact me in the meantime, send me an email. Thanks for sticking around!