enDEV doesn't exist anymore :( My efforts have been decentralized to a number of individual projects, and enDEV now serves purely as a backbone for any microservices relevant to these projects—for myself and for my friends.


Check out these cool sites:

...or don't, really. None of those sites have actually been built yet, for all practical purposes there's absolutely nothing to see anywhere yet lol

Some History

Just in case you're curious about what this used to be

Hello đź‘‹ My name is Elijah Duffy, I am known on GitHub and many other places throughout the interwebs as octacian. enDEV, on the other hand, is the moniker under which I started many of my first projects when I started programming.

enDEV was to provide services such as website construction, management, and hosting. More, too, with a number of (most never released lol) software projects that went along with it.

It was fun over the years, but now it's time to start anew. Well, mostly. I haven't lost sight of many of the projects I wanted to do, and the interests I've had over the years. However, putting everything under the same name just doesn't make sense anymore. So for now at least, enDEV has a new purpose. A place where I can host all the random microserves that are relevant to my new projects, and those of my friends.

enDEV is not dead, only endeavouring (haha nice pun lol) to grow. If you need to get in touch with me, send me an email.